Concept, branding, creative direction, editorial design, art direction


A- was born to challenge editorial convention by creating a distinct reading experience. We identified the need for a magazine that doesn’t digest its content or gives easy answers. The aim behind A- is to offer constant questioning, so that it’s up to each reader to interpret A- in his/her own way. A- should just ignite the thought process. The first issue was about Senses, about exploring the potential of each of them through a crafted, challenging thought-provoking experience. As the founder and creative director of A-, my role involved the branding and naming, the conception of the structure of the magazine, the art direction of the photoshoots and the physical creation of the props, the design of the layout, the choice of paper stocks, the binding and the finishing. I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Swiss Typefaces ( and, together, we chose the fonts that would work best in each sense-related article. I could therefore use new and iconic typefaces and push the experimentation further. A- was created at Naked Communications Europe.

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